Mobile Gambling Set to Dominate Online Casinos

The online gambling industry is undergoing a quiet revolution, with mobile wagering poised to become a dominant force.

Since 2013, industry analysts say the online gambling industry has grown by 11 percent every year. They expect that growth to continue through at least 2020.

This year, analysts anticipate the global online gambling market will generate $500 billion in gambling action. About 20 percent of that total — $100 billion — should come from bettors using mobile devices.

Next year, mobile gambling could generate as much as $165 billion in revenues — a 65 percent increase from this year’s estimate.

Last year, mobile gambling accounted for about $85 billion in revenues. This year’s total could show an about 20 percent increase from a year ago.

That rapid rise has many causes.

It’s really easy for bettors to gamble online with your favorite casino games at and similar websites using their mobile devices. Virtually all online casinos offer free gambling apps for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

It’s also very easy for players to get the equipment necessary for mobile gambling. Most would-be mobile gamblers already have the tools they need to start wagering and winning at online casinos.

Even if a gambler does not have a smartphone or other mobile device, they are easy to get. Most wireless service providers offer free and low-cost smartphone, tablets and other devices to people signing up for new accounts.

Wireless service providers also offer device upgrades and other special offers that make it incredibly easy to obtain a current-generation mobile device and start wagering virtually anywhere it is legal.

Mobile devices offer an exceptionally good gambling experience, with high-speed playability, great graphics, and outstanding audio quality. Even a smartphone has a screen large enough to display great gaming graphics, and a tablet’s screen rivals those on most laptop computers.

Yet, with the mobile device, players are not tethered to their Internet connections at home. Instead, they go anywhere and gamble when and where they choose.

A recent study of bettors’ preference also indicates mobile gambling is the preferred choice.

When given the option of using only a mobile device or only a computer to bet online, 65 percent of those asked opted for using their mobile devices. Only 35 percent chose using their computers.

Mobile gambling is growing fast, and soon will become the dominant force in online gambling.